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I have been going to the Boh ever since I can remember, but for the first time, in a long time, I actually went to go and see some local talent jamming it out on stage.

Bohemian is a legendary place that’s part of our music scene. Legends wanders these walls and some local talent has played Bohemian shows and the environment gives you a feeling of happiness.

It’s Friday night and the tunes are making sweet love to my ears. I heard about Joshua Kempen before, saw him live once at Kitcheners, but damn he really knows how to make your music soul feel welcome in his presence. Joshua Kempen is a one man band and he is seriously a talented person on stage. His voice is amazing and he will make you melt on the inside, this is one of the best local acts I have seen in a while. He writes his own music and is like a classy crooner with an old school vibe about him. With a Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley influence to his music and style he is definitely someone to go and see live.

Afterwards we got some tequila, having a Friday night party, like we do now and then. People chilling it out at the pool tables and drinking beer.


Sutherland | #DoYouEvenLift

Nothing Major alumnus Sutherland joined the stage and the Boh got a bit fuller. This is the first time I saw them live. I have heard about them and it’s only good things that I’ve been told. They are a beautiful 3 piece band with an acoustic-folk vibe, a touch of alternative and great deal of fun. I fell in love with this band, so obviously I had to Soundcloud them straight after the show. Unfortunately their version of “No Diggity”—which they performed second to last—was not available for listening online. If I can recommend a song for the new fans out there, do yourself a favour and listen to “Sinner“.

Shout Hey!

Shout Hey! | #DoYouEvenLift

The next band who joined the stage was a band I had not heard of before; Shout Hey! They kicked it off full of energy. The four kids—who recently introduced a new member to the band—bring their own style to the stage with their kinetic brand of alternative pop-punk. Their strong start immediately had my attention and the music was fun and kept my foot tapping throughout their performance.

Alright, Goodnight, who host the Do You Even Lift events, were the final act to perform. I went to their album launch a few months back at Kitcheners. Alright Goodnight just makes it work on stage. They are such talented people and are one of the few acts bringing a fresh and mature sound and style to the indie environment. Keep an eye open for them as they are sure to lift the indie scene to new heights.


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