Kinoh releases ambient Survive EP


Day by day

Slow. Like the pace I crave. Like the stillness it persuades. These five tracks from Kinoh’s latest EP Survive are deeply rooted in a bulge of condensation. Summarising life’s withdrawal from the beast that pursues our alter identities of harm, hurt, fear and the unknown, this EP whirls around all of life’s heaviness, traps and burdens and releases them by surrendering the build-up with an audible habitat of rest within the mind. With track names such as ‘Day by Day’, ‘Just Hold On’ and ‘Homemade Void’, Kinoh explores our inner needs just by sharing his own.

A side project from Watermark High, this is Kinoh’s second EP, exlaining that “this time around, there’s a bit more of a departure in sound.”

“I think this has a lot to do with me studying composition at the moment. These tracks have less of a focus on beats and are predominantly piano-driven and ambient with a tinge of glitch and electronica. It also turned out a lot more melancholy than I thought it would, definitely rainy day music.”

If you’re not the one for meditative practises and the find strength to surrender in music. Survive will contribute to your life as a small remedy, even for a 20 minute interval to the life that weighs or slants you down.

The tracks are free to immerse yourself in. Stream Survive below.


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