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You can smell the officialism of Spring. You’re either out making bad decisions, memorable mistakes or unwanted babies (I see you @BikerBabeSA)

This weekend will see its fair share of those very things.

For the first time in Africa, Life in Color, the world’s largest paint party will see it make its way to the South African shores. Taking place at the JHB Expo Centre at Nasrec, Life In Color infuses electronic music DJs, a boasted world class production, as well as unique and stunning character performers who’ll help maintain the energy and excitement the whole night through. 


One can’t be certain what to expect from a night of paint, electronic music and crazed stage dancers but one thing is certain – there’ll be bros a plenty.

Here’s a teaser and highlight reel of previous Life In Color events around the world.

Now we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips and 5 facts to make your life, wait for it, colourful. *applause all around*

5 Fuss Tips

  1. Wear your best and most expensive clothing, and make sure they’re dark.
  2. If you do wear white, make sure you want to stand at the back because you’re mom is not going to be impressed that you messed your white clothes.
  3. If you do stand in front, make sure to Snapchat the whole experience. The paint is a new ingenious substance that won’t affect your mobile devices at all.
  4. Don’t wear underwear. The paint running through the cracks and crevices of your body act like a moisturizer that will have your skin feeling fresh and silky soft.
  5. Eat the paint. Each colour is flavoured with yummy goodness.


We’re just fucking with you, don’t do any of that. Just have fun, be safe and play nice.


5 Fuss Facts

  1. Paint will be shot into the crowd from large cannons that shoot over 200 feet.
  2. The paint is safe and non-toxic.
  3. There will be a series of incredible aerial acts, stilt walkers and performers.
  4. Danny Avila will be headlining the event as an international act.
  5. You can expect music from the likes of Pascal and Pearce, DJ Kent, TiMO ODV and more.


“Every now again when you think that you have seen it all, when you think that concerts couldn’t get bigger, stages couldn’t be brighter and more attractive, something comes along that throws you completely off your feet.

Life In Color will infuse electronic music’s top DJs, world class production, unique and stunning character performers, and a custom built paint delivery system. A countdown to the paint blast creates one of the most high energy and unforgettable experiences in the entertainment industry.”

Life In Color South Africa

5 September 2015

JHB Expo Centre, Nasrec

Danny Avila (Spain), TiMO ODV, DJ Kent, Pascal & Pearce, Roger Goode, Vin Deysel, Mark Stent, Kyle Cassim

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