Emo Night Presents: Writing Sins Not Tragedies
20:00 to 02:00
Cape Town,
Western Cape,
South Africa
From 19-11-16 to 20-11-16
That’s right. The purveyors of high school nostalgia and repressed teen angst are back with their dark clothes and violent poses to bring you our final event of the year before we retreat into our holes as the sun will naturally burn our pasty skin. Join us in an event that promises to be sinful in nature, because let’s face it – the amount of fun we have has to be some kind of fun. We will be blowing away all tragedies as we roll into Mercury Live with our friends Crooked and Past Haunts. They shall be playing a variety of covers and some original material while we spin only the finest and most nostalgic emo tunes.

For our long-time patrons, you know what to expect, but to newcomers to this night of nostalgia here is what you can expect:

The writing of sins, not tragedies
Chemical romances
Blinking 182 times
People adding up to 41
Talented men that may or may not be called Billy
Your mom calling you a Satanist while you dress yourself head-to-toe in back
All your non-emo friends think you are weird
Black eyeliner and vision-obscuring fringes
Brand new DJs (but more or less the same)
Not falling out with your friends
Things going down
The piercing of your emo veil
Last resort beers
More black clothing than a funeral for a friend
A day that isn’t really green
Modern takes on baseball
A severe lack of American Football
Pirates of the Caribbean references as we try to bring you the horizon
Good girls called Charlotte
Good girls all the bad guys want
Rock shows
Songs about Adam
A night to remember
A lot of panicking at the disco
A lack of world eating by Jimmy
Confessions on the dashboard
Pop punk covers
Jude Law but no semesters abroad.

8pm – 9pm: Emo Night DJs
9pm – 10pm: Crooked
10pm – 11pm: Emo Night DJs
11pm-12am: Past Haunts
12am-2am: Emo Night DJs

Right of admission is reserved.

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