The Fuss is a blog which aims to explore, exhibit and examine the South African cultural landscape.

South Africa’s democracy is an infant. We’re in a period of transformation which is augmented by the emergence of the digital age — where information and ideas are dispersed and dissolved at a rapid rate. Our culture is substantially affected by this with socially accepted ideas, customs and behaviour changing on a regular basis.

There is no norm.

A paragon of this evolution and the absence of a norm is South African music. There is no single definition of South African music, except for that which says, “Music made in South Africa by South Africans”. Even that description comes short in defining what is an environment filled with countless microcosms of divergent sounds, styles, genres and scenes.

The Fuss is a platform for the creation and nourishment of a hunger for the understanding of culture — through the medium of music — outside the barriers of geography, genre, prominence and scene.

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We offer an open channel to communicate, discuss and understand what we observe and listen to in our immediate surroundings.

No saviours of industry.

The Fuss is purely a tool in the transformation of the definition of South African music as well as a recognition that there needs to be a shift in what music is consumed and how that music is consumed.

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