The Finery Fair 2016
10:00 to 16:00
South Africa
From 24-09-16 to 25-09-16

The Finery Fair is a multi-cultural arts festival, celebrating Heritage weekend with the finer things in life that South Africans have to offer. On the 24th & 25th of September a great lineup including Bottomless Coffee Band, Georgetown, Gerald Clark and many more will thrill fair-goers, while the finest food and drinks are enjoyed on the majestic estate of Kievits Kroon. Theatre and art lovers will be enchanted by the performing arts and design, arts and craft on display. For the more curious souls, the Finery Makers Corner is the newest addition to The Finery Fair, where interesting craft workshops promise to entertain.


10:30 Gates & Finery Maker stalls open

11:00 Kate Rok Band & Theatre Show: Monopoly

12:00 Silver Creek Mountain Band | Workshop: ‘How to make Mozarella at home’

13:00 Theatre Show: Kiu | Workshop: Distillique ‘How to brew whiskey at home’

15:00 Theatre Show: Kids Matinee

16:00 Bottomeless Coffee Band

19:00 Last Rounds


09:30 Gates & Finery Maker stalls open

10:00 Theatre Show: Monopoly

11:00 Suzzi Swanepoel Band | Workshop: ‘Introduction to the art of fermentation’

12:00 Theatre Show: Kiu | Workshop: Distillique ‘How to make your gin at home’

13:00 Gerald Clark

14:00 Gerald Clark & Suzzi Blues Collab

15:00 Georgetown Band

16:00 Georgetown Band & Gerald Clark Collab

17:00 Last Rounds


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