Shortstraw presents: Booshie Nights
19:00 to 02:00
South Africa
From 04-11-16 to 05-11-16

Remember at the end of Boogie Nights when you were dying to see Dirk Diggler’s massive hog to see what all the rage was about? And then it happened and you were all like, “Yessss. Finally. Ooh, it’s kinda nasty looking. And poor Rollergirl.” No, just us? Well it was a very liberating feeling finally getting to see something you’ve waited a long time to see. And much like a giant, purplish hunk of man flesh, we present to you: Booshie Nights.

Whoever ‘The Man’ is, he’s a bit of a dick. Because he’s made organising another Sunday Boosh quite a task. So we’re all like, “Fuck The Man, man. We’ll just do a nighty Boosh.” So here it is, the first Booshie Nights, equipped with a healthily endowed lineup including electro wizards BITTEREINDER, new kid on the block, JOHNNY CRADLE, the ever-disappointing SHORTSTRAW, the sultry JOSH KEMPEN and new chubbers, THE CERAMICS.

All this for 50 bucks at the most erect venue in Joburg, THE GOOD LUCK BAR. Man, there have been a lot of penis references in this post. Please don’t let this impact your decision to come. No, but seriously, it’s going to be a dicking good time.

“I’m a big, bright, shining star.”

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