19:00 to 02:00
South Africa
From 11-11-16 to 12-11-16

Mustache’s eh? They’re hard to grow, they catch food and your S/O doesn’t like the way they feel on their inner-thighs. It’s a good thing they look so dangerous, because owning a mustache can be quite cac

You know what else is dangerous and cac? Cancer and THAT’S why every November a whole bunch of dudes grow mustaches. Insane! We know. This November we thought it would be lekker to help the cause, so we partnered up with those stach’ed people down at Movember and set up a little 80’s themed shindig at The Boh

Here’s the lowdown:
R30 with a Stache, ladies that includes you
R50 No Stache
***All Proceeds are going straight to the Movember Cause***

***LINE UP***
23:30 BOXER
22:30 We Are Charlie
21:30 MIAGII

MC the sexy Jason Lume
Dress up: 80’s As F**k

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