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The best songs in the electronic sphere including all its sub genres

Oracles – ‘Sleeping Patterns’

DJ Lag – ’16th Step’

Xhose Nostre – ‘HoneyBunny’

Muzi – ‘Khululekha’

It Hz – ‘Walking Dread’

Vox Portent – ‘You Dropped Your Glasses’

Beat Sampras – ‘Love 808’

Black Motion – ‘Omo Dudu’ featuring Wunmi

Jullian Gomes – ‘Nothing Can Break Us’ featuring Ziyon

TiMO ODV – ‘I Need You’

Crazy White Boy – ‘Something New’ featuring Julia Church

The Kiffness – ‘You Say You Love Me’ featuring Tawanna Shaunte

Moonchild – ‘Fox With That’ featuring Maramza

Lapre – ‘She’

Card On Spokes – ‘Stone Clouds’

Okayshades – ‘new mambo print’

Felix Laband – ‘A True Friend Is Hard To Find’

Seventhgaze – ‘youth pt. 1’

Fever Trails – ‘Plus Plus’

Hessien+ – ‘Filled With Low Mist’

Damascvs – ‘Sogan Brashni’

Sage Hitomi – ‘Sierra’

Drift Prism – ‘Ovoid Ye Lust’

The Rudimentals – ‘We Are One’

Locnville & Sketchy Bongo – ‘Cold Shoulder’


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