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Presenting 100 of our favourite 2016 songs: #TheFussList

Welcome to the second edition of #TheFussList. Each year, our contributors come together to curate a list of the top 100 songs released in 2016. The curation is divided into five loose categories consisting of Electronic, Indie, Rock, Hip-Hop and Top 20 with the Top 20 being the only segment ordered in an ascending order.

The year saw the quality of output continue its rise towards (in some cases surpassing) international levels in both the left-field experimental and more commercial pop spheres. Rap dominated the charts with the rising stars occupying space right alongside experienced veterans through collaboration. Electronic musicians threw away all genre specifications to create some of the most triumphant experiments in sound and emotion. One of the best songs of the year was created through collaboration with a dancer.

This is our attempt to make sense of it all. Here is #TheFussList as curated by The Fuss staff and contributors.

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