Navigating the spectacle of morality in Alice Phoebe Lou’s latest video


Watch the bewitching music video for ‘Devils Sweetheart’

Alice Phoebe Lou recently released a collaborative track with fellow Berlin migrant, Olmo. ‘Devils Sweetheart’ is a burning blues number which sees the two coalesce vocally with Olmo providing a spiritual backdrop brought to life with the glissando and vibrato of his slide technique on acoustic guitar.

The accompanying video was recently premiered by BlackBook. The artistic visuals which would not be out of place in an episode of American Horror Story fit the themes of morality and capitalism explored on the track perfectly.

Alice Phoebe Lou says of the video:

“The video is an emotional performance piece that embodies the mood and atmosphere of the song, playing with the concept of devils and angels, and the lyrical play on words that is ‘the devil’s sweetheart / the devil’s sweet heart. Morality is not as clear as it seems and it always depends on the perspective.”

The ‘Devil’s Sweetheart’ was directed by Eike von Stuckenbrok and features performances by Valia Beauvieux and Dennis Macao from the Birdmilk Collective.

Featured image / The Red Beanie


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