Johnny Filter releases visuals for ‘Cash Rules Everything’


So, it turns out – it’s not hard out there for a pimp

‘Cash Rules Everything’ was made on a cold day in Malmö, Sweden. Johnny Filter, the man behind the tune, was in a mellow mood, where everything was just fitting together perfectly. In an induced state of consumerism, pimp movies made their way onto his watching list over and over again, giving him the reinforcements to come out with what is a smooth synergetic composite of pimp clips alongside this silky beat.

The beat is partnered with the random chant “cash rules everything around me” over and over again, giving us insight into how a phrase on repetition can give a track the success it needs.

Filter, a contemporary producer and beatboxer, has reeled, turned and levelled out beats since he knew how. He needs no assistance when it comes to spitting rhymes, but he wanted to portray the visuals in a narrative he was set on, so he approached photographer and storyteller Karabo Mooki (Mooki Mooks) to create a story to support the track. The collaboration is simple: Mooki received the video, connected to the beat and transformed a moment of boredom into a cut up of narrative.

The footage in this video showcases a series of well-to-do pimps wearing elaborate outfits made out of the finest materials, pushing through life the only way they know how: with dollar bills. The narrative goes on to show a generational attitude, with pimps using control and abuse to turn women into money making machines and constantly being harassed by the cops. The tune is catchy and swift in tone, giving the whole package a lil’ something to return to whenever you’re feeling the hype for slow groove hip hop or a series that really examines, it’s not that hard out there for a pimp.



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