Anything but an L from Sibot


Exploring four to the floor

The last project we received from respected electronic wizard was arc-eyes three years ago which feels like a lifetime ago. However, three years is nothing compared to the ten years since the release of his groundbreaking debut, In With The Old.

The debut album saw Sibot carve his own lane which saw the old processed through a modern outlook primarily with the use of samples over glitchy breaks beats and rhythms. Throughout this time Sibot has avoided the appeal of switching lanes to the well-trodden by constantly exploring different techniques, genres, and rhythms.

On V.L.D.T., his latest release, we see Sibot experimenting once again. The release is a four-part project which will see a staggered release with each letter representing a segment of the release. It’s not clear what the letters denote but in V Sibot explored glitchy bass music which is what he is synonymous with. The latest release from the project, L sees him switch the template and explore four to the floor techno and house. ‘Please’ featuring samples of Kenyan tribes recorded by Sibot is an early favourite from the release. Stream L and let us know what your favourite track is or what you think V.L.D.T. stands for.


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