An experiment in genre.

Another week and another launch of a party brand. Summer is on the edge of our lips and the frequency of parties is fast approaching its yearly peak. In the space of two months we’ve gone from having limited weekend options to a plethora of choice. This is considering weekend activities and promoters are going out of their ways to stamp our wrists with their logos.

This Saturday will see the launch of AstroLab at Iron Tusk, where they are striving to stamp your wrist with a spaceman. The team has my wrist and that’s not because I’ll be one of the astronauts piloting the journey through sound on the night, but rather because of their ethos, which sees them attempting to bring “multiple genres together and highlight the similarities and differences between a vast range of electronic music forms.”

I’ll be the first to tell you that I appreciate a variety of genres, including deep house and drum and bass. My gripe is where I’m expected to go to an event and enjoy listening to one genre of music for more than a couple of hours. Of course that is just personal preference, but enjoying a variety of genres is fast becoming the norm in the information age where we are our own curators. Of course I was enticed by AstroLabs challenge on “the ingrained concept of single genre events” with their “unique experience of multi-genre chemistry.”

The organisors are aware that the events are no easy feat and for the early period of the brand they are not focusing on making profits. Theirs is the long game and they are primary focus at this stage is building a community and supporting the grass-roots electronic music community by affording lesser known artists a platform to grow.

The launch event will feature drum and bass, deep house, trance and hardstyle with the likes of Point 4, Pharadox and Polygamy manning the decks. There will be specials on drinks throughout the night and if your birthday takes place in October, you will get free entrance.

It’s A Date With The Night.


“Challenging the ingrained concept of single genre events, Astrolab prides itself in bringing different people with different thoughts and ideas to the same place, and building a foundation on the unique experience of multi-genre chemistry.”


17th October 2015

Iron Tusk, Newtown, Johannesburg


Featured image of Point 4 by Viewography


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