Crispin’ for a Twispin’


Nobody enjoys helplessly rummaging through their pockets for R2.50, loose-draw style, or begging for the last drags of an already dragged-out stompie at 2AM at the club. The worst is when you’re trying to pull in for that young kiss and you’re overwhelmed by the odour of a carton of hard-pack Camel must. The list goes on.

The fact of the matter is, smoking acoustic cigarettes are so 1970s and if you’ve looked at the calendar recently you’ll have noticed it’s 2015.

A few facts about tobacco is that it’s smelly, forces you to make difficult decisions (end of the month: cigarettes or Salticrax?), is bad for the environment, people around you and of course, yourself.

Stop being that guy, always excusing yourself to have a sneaky smoke and vape your way into the future with Twisp, South Africa’s first and favourite electronic vapouriser, dominating e-cig markets since 2008.

Now, in 2015, Twisp’s introduces their 11th generation range of three electronic cigarettes, a culmination of years and 10 generations’ research: Edge, Aero and Solo. Fancy.

A closer vape reveals that the Edge, robust yet elegant in design, also available in black for the dark horses, features a variable power output system which allows you to control your vapour density. Sweg.

The Aero, dense and compact in size, packs a punch allowing for two atomiser head arrangements. What does that even mean? Basically that you can enjoy deep, hearty draws as well as effortless puffs to suit your mood.

Lastly, there’s the ever so sleek Solo which looks like those hella expensive fountain pens your dad used to spoil himself with just ‘cause. It features the same kind of functions and cloudy vapes you’d expect from any Twisp product, just, you know super chic.

Depending on which you choose, your Twisp either comes with a clip-on magnetic or USB charger, which lets you vape while charging, is ridiculously easy to fill, a sexy range of flavours (featuring Japanese Cotton – I know, right? Wut?), dense vapour delivery and airflow adjustment for a once-off purchase – no more expensive cartons!

Wanna see which one suits you? Twisp’s ad does a pretty good job of equating a specific Twisp to a specific lifestyle, so whether you’re a high-powered exec, club flirt or bohemian writer twisping your way through your latest bestseller, watch the vid and get in there.

Not sure yet? Get interactive and play their game by pressing E, A or S on your keyboard and imagining yourself as one of the fine Twisping individuals shown.

Taste tomorrow, today and visit to pick your Twisp and enter 2015.



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