Damascvs – “Revogue”


A visual tonic for infatuations

When Damascvs released the visuals for “Sogan Brashni,” I was delighted to have it featured on Openroom TV’s SA Top 5 chart. It was a personal coup convincing the shows producers to feature the peculiar video on a show catered to a mass of individuals wary of stepping outside their visual and aural comfort zones.

With “Revogue” off his BUT I AINT GOT NO WATER FOR YOU EP, Damascvs stands firm in his ground with no desire to fit in. The title of the EP could possibly allude to the general population’s thirst for popular music, which is created and quenched by conglomerates for profit. Damascvs’ music is no tonic for the masses, but rather a prized addition to a connoisseur’s’ collection.

“Revogue” closes the EP with the conventional sounds of a vocal melody and a warm synth lending emotion to the industrial percussion. The supporting visuals play on the theme of Virtual Reality and see Damascvs plug into a virtual reality.

“I liked the idea of there being some kind of underground club of people that almost used VR as a drug,” Damascvs shares in the premiere of the video on Okayafrica.

We see Damascvs take a trippy journey through the glitchy collage-like virtual reality. Once he disconnects, strains of the virtual reality remain and he is unable to recognise the difference between reality and fiction. The infatuation with virtual reality has become an infection.

Watch the video above and download BUT I AINT GOT NO WATER FOR YOU.

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