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The electronic music scene in Johannesburg is booming. The only problem is that it is thriving in divided and somewhat patronising scenes—It’s always an exclusively drum & bass, house, disco, or beats scene event.

Once in a while Griet—like a messiah to disjointed disciples—comes along and brings all the BPMs together for an eclectic electronic music celebration. With a band of decibel disciples including Red Bull Studio, Science Frikshun, Go! Go!, and Untamed Youth, Griet is pulling all the strings to ensure a transendent sound seance for all.

Griet Promo

“Entering into its 4th year GRIETFEST is an alternative festival for alternative people. We have hosted some of the legends in the underground dance scene in South Africa and are slowly building our way to being the only platform in the country to host the masters of their craft from all over the world that may not enjoy commercial success but are barrier breaking trailblazers that make it possible for others to walk through doors they never thought possible.

This year we are proud to announce that our international guests are KOAN SOUND (UK, OWLSA REC), BLACK SUN EMPIRE (NE, BLACK SUN EMPIRE REC), FAR TOO LOUD (UK, FUNKATECH REC), ETNIK (DE, OWLSA REC) and PARA ONE (FR, Marble) “

What’s great about the line-up is that it is staggered. It is rare that there will be two DJs who are starting simultaneously on separate stages. Regardless, we have compiled a list of local acts you cannot afford to miss along with well-researched reasons as to why you shouldn’t miss them. These are reasons to be taken extremely seriously.




The muti is strong.


Hello kitty is a girl. Not a cat.


Deep house so deep they found mermaids in it.


Everybody knows he’s a motherfucking monster.


His surname is actually Green.


Disco is a feeling, not a genre.


GQ’s favourite is playing in a sun dress and heart-shaped glasses.


Alcohol affects your liver. Liver affects your ears. Don’t Party.


We all wear our own masks.

Join us tomorrow for the last supper at Town Hall tomorrow.

It’s A Date With The Night

Word by Thozi Sejanamane


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