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© Charles Peterson

© Charles Peterson

In the event that you are uninformed, last month marked the 20th anniversary of, counterculture cult hero and spokesman of  Generation X, Kurt Cobain’s death on the 8th of April 1994. Social media was abuzz, with the icon trending on Twitter and various news items and digital eulogies popping up all over our news feeds. Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, the remaining members of Nirvana, honourably accepted the group’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, performing four Nirvana songs with a special guests – including, Lorde, who joined the band during All Apologies.

This Friday, the collaborative efforts of Vamp Entertainment and Progcast will result in such a tribute show being hosted in Westdene, Johannesburg at The Bohemian. Obviously the budget of this show is nowhere near that of the occasion held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, but if you’re a true fan of Kurt and his message, then you’ll know that he may have preferred to attend the modest tribute hosted at the Boh.

“I never wanted the fame in any of this. But that is a whole different story.” – Kurt Cobain

The artists billed with the considerable task of recreating the music that spoke for a generation are Acoustic Groove Machine, The Castellos, Burning Blue, Black Math and Trash Mogul, who’ll be performing original creations in company with selected tracks from the Nirvana discography.

Smells like Nostalgia.

Its A Date With The Night

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