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In most of the interviews we have done so far, there is one thing which most of the artists believe to be the reality in Johannesburg – A lack of live music venues. This has resulted in some promoters getting creative in terms of the kind of spaces we can host live performances at. We are seeing lots of events happening in various locations such as museums, streets, basements, parks and even rooftops.

Back in the day the house party was a crucial component in our social and night lives. The house party provided an environment where we, as underage kids, could comsume alcohol without needing to show our photoshopped IDs, provided of course, that the parents whose house it was were either oblivious or taking that holiday in Mauritius. Of course eventually we all came of age and the photoshopped IDs became unneccessary, along with the house party itself.

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9Lives and LoveParty have come together to resurrect the house party, with what is called SUMO. The heavyweight bass house party was launched only a few months back and it seems that the idea has been well received with the promoters landing what is possibly their biggest coup in the form of Das Kapital on the bill. We are guessing that the last time Das Kapital performed in such an environment was when he was a kid studying audio production at SAE, releasing bootleg remixes of Bon Ivers, Skinny Love and just trying to get himself out there.

Outside of Das Kapital, the bill is a well curated list of some respected bass connoisseurs in the Johannesburg electronic scene including, liver, DeeziaK, Feed The Animals and Kid Robot. The onslaught of bass can get overwhelming at times, so a well stocked bar, foosball, beerpong and real people, should offer the required respite from the tsunami of sound.

Sumo say, “Bass yourself for Jozi’s first, no nonsense, loose yourself, Bass Shindig!”

It’s A Date With The Night

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