Diamond Thug – Waiting on the Sun


What Diamond Thugs latest music video for “Waiting On The Sun”

There is something quite ethereal and enchanting about Diamond Thug’s sound, image, and their latest music video. Chantel’s unique voice, so husky, so sugary, resonates so soundly to the listener, or watcher in this case.  To the extent that when the song is over you still hear her sweet harmonie ringing in your ears.

However it is not just Chantel’s voice that resonates so well; as a trio Diamond Thug achieve an ambient, catchy and melodious sound – slightly folky, slightly pop-py, slightly jazzy, slightly electric. They’re one of the few South African bands that I feel like I can sing along to, dance to, and fall asleep to. (And that’s not a euphemism of boredom; falling asleep to beautiful music is the epitome of luxury.)

This video, like their previous videos What I think I know and Man who makes the law, is filled with simple but astoundingly beautiful natural imagery. Forests and mountains and country paths which somehow manage to remain un-clichéd. Danilo, Chantel and Adrian are chased through an isolated sanctuary by a black-clad man, and end up in a desolate and abandoned building. In this sense it lapses a little bit into the ‘good’ guy, ‘bad’ guy cliché, but the video’s visual strength prevents it from becoming too schmaltzy of a ‘happily ever after.’

A really well filmed and executed video, and definitely worth a watch. If not for the video itself then at least for Danilo’s perfectly coiffed hair, Adrian’s peek-a-boo tattoos, and Chantel’s girl power moves! (And for the song, of course.)



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