DJ Khaled – Hold You Down (Omar Morto Remix)


Listen to Omar Morto’s remix of “Hold You Down”

A few years ago Cashmere Cat introduced me to future beats music. For a long time I thought the secretive producer was a female as there was no information available about him online. Omar Morto, who wears a mask, reminds me of Cashmere Cat. He (or she for all I know) is a secretive individual whose management tells me hails from either South Africa or the United States of America.

Over the past year the producer has been honing his craft in an effort to develop his sound and style and create his own interpretation of the sound of the future. His music is influenced heavily by the Jersey Club music (which originated in the States), Future Bass, Hip-hop, and 90’s R n’ B.

In preparation for the release of his debut EP Moonlight Nights on Miami based label Loveless Records, Omar Morto will be releasing some original tracks and remixes to give insight into his sound and create some hype in the lead up to the release of the EP.

In this Fuss exclusive, Omar Morto, takes the Jersey Club template and chop’s DJ Khaled’s dreamy mega-collaboration, “Hold You Down” to give it that Jersey Club spring. The original is sped up and prescribed that Jersey club effervescence  with appearances of the bed squeak sample, the Chicago House bounce, and the original vocals chopped to sound like the catcalls of a feline in the receptive period of the sexual cycle.

A definite knack for the fundamentals of Jersey Club, Omar Morto’s remix of “Hold You Down” has left me excited to hear more of himself in his original interpretations of future beats in the release of his EP towards the end of May.

Stream the remix of “Hold You Down” below and follow Omar Morto on SoundCloud.


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