Drift Prism – Alone


Listen to Drift Prism’s latest release “Alone”

Drift Prism is a fairly new development by Jason Sutherland. In this chosen direction, he experiments with an electric component that resonates with a contemporary spin to trip hop, a classic glaze of electronica and a slight sense of power fuelled pop lyric latch.

His new release “Alone” sweats off the ambiguity by stepping into its own. Unlike his previous tracks of his self-titled album released last year in September, the foreword focuses on a single tone accompanied by a looping sound and steps into a component that bounces off its essence. Whereas with the introductions in his earlier tracks, they start off with more complex circles and holes, or drops, of melting automated noise. In true form, he has released the vocal intuition from one of his ‘Drift Prism’ girls with his condensed dreamscapes, and created a narrative with deep set vision and the desire to dance too. This track reminds me of the niceties of being a gender standing tall in bubble-gum jelly shoes drinking bitch pop and licking the wicks off one’s lips. Pink, but in a way that far detaches itself from commercial, I am giddy throughout its source. Alone, but in the most romantic way, this beat kicks the wounds I thought I had and smothers it with personality.

Stream “Alone” below and read our interview with Drift Prism here.


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