Drift Prism – Heavy Breathing


Heavy Breathing: a series of wave-like visceral hiccups

drift prism

Heavy Breathing is the new EP from Drift Prism. Keeping a continuum flowing and gracing his tracks to the internet on an annual increment since 2013, the project is a reminder that quality and artistry doesn’t happen overnight, it blossoms casually and with great intent.

‘Warmth In Shadows (ft Jade Fortune)’ is a harmonic rendition of bubblegum haze. It’s as if this strain of music is formulated deeply in the subconscious and shared in intricacies and and wave-like visceral hiccups. Working with a variety of layers, there are barely any open spaces to sink into as the activity between the vocals, the familiarity of a subdued cowbell and synth keep the horizon in check, never veering too far away from its structure, but still ample counts to play around with.

The scribbled textural introduction in ‘Veneer’ evokes a sense of augmented emotion. Dizzy in all the right ways, it triggers rounds of circumferences, jolted bouts of euphoria and dreamy fermented sips of another world. For this to be played in a live setting near the ocean at dusk would give me the dose of serotonin I need.

I’m leaning towards a favourite. ‘Ovoid Ye Lust’ has a rhythm  and congruency that tickles in its weighty mannerisms. If the EP was a meal, this would definitely be the dessert – stepping away drastically from the mundane, it wraps itself in a metaphoric sedation of intelligence surrounded by knocks, taps and hums in a very linear composition that the sensory experience is amounted to hypnosis, allowing the mind to audibly understand what movement feels like. Touché Jason. You have me on repeat.

Slightly more grimy in its harmony, ‘Run’ wallows from existence to extinction. It reaches nuances that are exotic to me, finding substance in core melodies filled with lust, desire and fragility. The soundscape goes on a journey from dark to light, heavy to soft and intrigued to approachable.

The mass of the EP muses onto tones that vibrate off idealism. Drift Prism makes each sound his own, as if it hadn’t been created before this. His experimentation is flawless and centred, current and diversified.  It’s hard not to be in awe of the immense innate connection to the beats. Contrasted by the synchronicity of assorted tones and layers, Drift Prism makes music, not to please anyone but himself.



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