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Platform, Cape Town based publication by the folks of naas, recently undertook a journey of self-discovery and spirituality, in search of a higher power and understanding.


It’s still unknown where they went or how long they were there for, or even what they saw and experienced there, but one thing is for sure – they came back with something no one was expecting.

A small bag of magical beans, each bean an explosive roller-coaster ride into the nether-realm of the beginning of the end of time. Each bean, something like one of the seven dragon balls, when brought together grant the holder a wish of unimaginable fortune.

All of this presented in the wonderful world of music and to be honest with you, I like that shit.

But you’re probably like, Brook what on this God-given earth are you talking about (some of you might have even quit reading certain that I am on drugs, maybe I am, the type of drugs that Platform have placed in my hands).

I am talking none other than LA based music producer Mndsgn

Accompanied by SA’s finest:

Christian Tiger School

Card On Spokes


DJ Danger Ingozi


Ringgo Ancheta, better known as Mndsgn, is one of the leading figures in the current beat capital of the world, Los Angeles. Having recently signed to the legendary Stones Throw Records (the label of Madlib and potentially the last decade’s most influential producer, J Dilla), he released his debut LP, the blissful ‘Yawn Zen’.

Now the excitement is too much, and I want you to be as excited as I am by exploring each one of these artists’ musical abilities. Souncloud that shit, youtube it until you’ve capped your internet, the use your mobile and head over to Platform’s Facebook page and say thank you for being such naas people.

I’m out but before that, have a wee look at this rad promo video produced for the event.


Words by Brooklyn J. Pakathi


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