EDISONTIDE releases ‘The Conspirator’ music video


An EP, a new video and already an international music festival: what’s next?

EDISONTIDE is a indie-pop trio from Durban, South Africa. They were formed early in 2014 and since then have steadily been making a name for themselves in South Africa and abroad. They performed at The Great Escape Music Festival in Brighton, UK earlier this year, and played alongside around 400 acts, sharing stages with bands such as Alabama Shakes and Mew.

The band’s vocals and instrumental sound is combined in such a way that it produces a form of beauty, rhythm and harmony that emphasise a romantic love-affair with their music. ‘The Conspirator’ is a fresh energetic pop track and borrows eclectic elements from rock and dance.  Jordi van Dyk’s powerful vocals become hauntingly beautiful, with a chorus “I never meant to break, break your heart” that was fixed in my mind after listening to the song almost five times.

The single showcases the band’s incredible songwriting skills and their potential for growth which can lead them to dominating the South African music scene.

EDISONTIDE’s debut album is set to be launched on 26 August. The self-titled album is a collection of five well-composed and produced tracks that is induced with tantalizing synthesizers and songs such as ‘Sealion’ and ‘Au Revoir’. Produced by Richard Goven from Tone & Pixel, the music video for ‘The Conspirator’ is visually stimulating and has a great feel of cinematic essence to it.



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