Endless Daze festival: a feast for the eyes and soul


Psych Night & Vans move from nightclubs to West Coast seaside

The evolving partnership between the collective that is Psych Night and the retail urban brand Vans has known no boundaries. From small to big to great wins, their positioning has finally opened their knowledge of a one-nighter to a weekender. Bliss between the moments of tremendous work to make this happen, Endless Daze Festival will make its first appearance on the Western Cape shores, amidst the beautiful seaside setting of Silwerstroom Resort. Beach and thick Fynbos skirt lush camping grounds, making this festival a feast for the eyes and soul.

Psych Night was born from a spirited idea back in 2012. The dream was simple: “Make a party that we want to go to, with music that we want to listen to.”

They positioned their assets on the local music scene when they announced that they would be bringing Seattle-famed psychedelic garage band Night Beats to South Africa for the first time. The Night Beats tour shaped the setting for the organisers of Psych Night and confirmed the essence of what they sought to achieve: unique and well-curated events with a nod to the 60s and 70s.

Knowing the convoluted approach South Africa had in its entirety to the South African music scene, Psych Night came at a time when people started craving a more nostalgic, heavy sedated sound they could familiarise with. As people became charmed by the growing psychedelic music scene, musicians saw fit to root back to their songs that were once considered outdated and were now urging to be heard and appreciated.

With the support from Vans SA, a further three international bands toured through South Africa under the Psych Night banner: Golden Animals, Allah-Las and The Black Lips. The motivation for bringing these bands was to showcase acts that would not otherwise typically be booked for a commercial entity. Psych Night strove to prove a point: that it is feasible to bring high quality acts, without massive campaigns to drive their tours, for a market that does not target the majority but rather build on close relationships and the individuality of cross-spectrum cultures: a like-mindedness.

The local music scene has seen a staggering growth in bands and acts, and with Psych Night creeping closer to the ceiling of indoor ‘club’ shows, the next step was to develop a larger platform. And so Endless Daze was born: a boutique music festival catering for roughly 2500 people, supported by over 20 world class South African acts.

Endless Daze will also be the first double international feature for a Psych Night event: Froth (USA) and The KVB (UK). With both international bands having cult followings in their respective territories, they promise to bring an eclectic variety of international entertainment and music.

LA-based band Froth have toured the US tirelessly, with stints across Europe, growing their reputation for pushing boundaries with their infectious and high energy live shows. Their music sits somewhere in the mix of surf, garage and shoegaze-esque rock genres, but continuously explores new sonic avenues. The KVB, hailing from the UK and now based in Berlin, burst out of their bedroom recording style, after numerous creations, with the recent album release ‘Of Desire’. The record is steeped in musical history and inventiveness, as a result of vigorous dedication. The duo is known to bring an incredible visual live show, accompanied by a mesmerizing minimal electronica-infused shoegaze performance.

The line-up is set for the main stage over Friday evening and all of Saturday, with the addition of a smaller acoustic stage on Saturday; leaving Sunday for a day of rest to breathe in the full experience and make the most of the incredible setting.

A full bar, ample parking, night camping areas, food trucks, essential amenities, careful security presence and on-site medics ensure that Endless Daze meets the expectations of a convenient festival experience. Endless Daze also respects the festival’s natural surroundings, so various greening initiatives are being put in place to reduce the carbon footprint of the festival. A portion of the proceeds from Endless Daze will also go towards planting trees in support of the local municipality.

Psych Night invites all of you to join in creating a truly unique and progressive celebration of life and music that is for the people, by the people and with the people. For the masses across national borders, we suggest you start saving to make the commute – you don’t want to miss out on this surreal line-up.

This initiative would not be possible without the continuous support from Vans SA, who unwaveringly continue to back those who take the different path.

Don’t delay your tickets. It’s an intimate crowd expected. Purchase before you miss out: www.psychnight.com


Endless Daze Festival
14:00 to 12:00
From 11-11-16 to 13-11-16

Psych Night & Vans Present: #EndlessDaze2016

Having grown from a spirited idea back in 2012, four international band tours of South Africa and many great experiences; we have finally stepped into the great outdoors! We present to you: Endless Daze Festival.

Psych Night, in collaboration with Vans South Africa, has provided a platform for bands to showcase their wild and wonderful sounds to audiences around the country. We are very excited to extend ourselves into this new journey with you.

Endless Daze is a boutique music and arts festival presented in an outdoor, safe and secure environment. Silwerstroom is a beautiful seaside camping resort on South Africa’s West Coast, only 45 minutes from Cape Town.

The KVB (UK), Froth (USA), BCUCMedicine BoyFelix LabandSannie FoxKalahari SurfersBye BenecoBateleurAidan MartinBlack MathThe MothsSOL GEMSBilderberg MotelMind PoolDangerfieldsRetro DizzyThe DeathrettesThe Valley, Mr Cat & The Jackal Duo, Emile Van Dango, Roxy Caroline, Darryn The Wizard, DJ INVIZABLEAfter Hours DJ’s, ROASTIN’ RECORDS – Cape Town VS Permanent Record (Vinyl DJ Set).



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