Follow Me Follow You – Chief Bengo Noorani’s Magic Ring


Watch Follow You Follow Me’s live session video for “Chief Bengo Noorani’s Magic Ring”

Pretoria-based Math Rock Band, Follow Me Follow You, have officially launched a live session video featuring the song “Chief Bengo Noorani’s Magic Ring” off their upcoming EP Creature. The video was recorded at Arch Angel Studios (Cortina Whiplash, The Slashdogs, Pink Noise) and filmed, as well as produced, by Colour Media of Colour Studios.

The video itself prioritizes the band as a foreground while a bookshelf, piled amps and a stack of red lockers dominate the background. As the video takes form, we find ourselves constantly moving between the trio, in and out of atypical rhythmic structures, angular melodies, and extended, often dissonant chords that refuse to conform to one space alone. This to and fro movement allows us to familiarise and adapt to each artist’s personality as well as technique. One cannot help but feel erratically and emotionally chained to every instrumental endeavour, every tumultuous build, realising, all at once or not at all, that within their chaos there is order, and one thing becomes certain, the band is having fun.

This is magic. Do not try to control or anticipate where the instruments are going because you’ll only frustrate yourself. Just listen, they’re trying to tell you something. This trio refuses to be put in a box, and if by some unforeseen circumstance they find themselves in a closed space, they’ll likely just set up their amps, jam together, and claw their way through the walls because they’ll never be what you want them to be, and that’s probably why they’re smiling.

Besides the video, Follow Me Follow You have been busy working on their latest EP Creature which will be released in September 2015. The EP is available for pre-order on Bandcamp at a minimum fee of $4.00 (R49.51) and comprises of four tracks. As part of their pre-launch, they will be performing a number of secret shows in August and September in and around Gauteng and Cape Town. In order to find out about the secret pre-launch shows (and other shenanigans), follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for clues and hints concerning the dates and locations.

They seem to be connoisseurs of golden painted pineapples. So watch out for that.


Words by Eben Roelofse


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