Follow Me Follow You – Creature EP


Coordinating their surroundings into chords

Follow Me Follow You Creature

The melody is startled to a combination of grooves. For its introduction, we are served up to a dose of simplicity which turns as soon as you find comfort in its set-up. As it escalates in instruments, the trio share themselves with an audio immersive of their characters. Haphazard, with no accurate time of climax, the story of “Big Trees” is a uncomplicated one, where man meets female’s voice, and echoes it for one of its moments. It also narrates a build up of smoother more subtle chords to progressive ones as they meet up in intervals. The bass and guitar are talking to each other, complimenting each other’s sound, as well as holding their own.

The technical turn of the drums gives “Chief Bengo Noorani’s Magic Ring” a vibrant jazz prequel to the circular travelling resonance of the guitar, which teases you before it jolts you into the dominance of the bass, followed by a heavier more anecdotal texture of collaboration within itself.  The band has found a formula that escapes any sense of generic apparition, for it never concludes with what you expect, but rather instigates matter into the material composed by experimenting with different moods and cycles.

“Matrioshka  Brain” is Follow Me Follow You’s ballad of gratitude. Bouncing off a movement that kind of works off the spine of their sound, this track wobbles and peaks in just the right places. It’s a sound that you can’t help but tap, click, gesture and coordinate your surroundings to adjust to the feeling it has created. Steady at one point and then driven by a wilder energy, it just ends.

 I can’t help but feel like Red Hot Chilli Peppers would saviour this track. Its beginning is reminiscent of an entire era dedicated to the early 2000’s where the unique sound felt hollowed, more direct and channelled into a bigger force. “Combination Loch” works as it feels unrehearsed. The three layers of instruments are working off different tangents, but come together as one. There’s a part in the song, just before it reaches its 2 minute timeline where I feel its beauty. This is where the drums and guitar feed off each other. It feels like their approach to be in sync is developing a rhythm so eloquent and natural that evokes a sense of daydreaming. The track quickly changes course though, and ticks from contoured agreements to mechanical pairings, and this is when you feel that the band members know each other so well- as it releases its last few tones, they are nearing their goodbyes.


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