Fresh Sage – Dreams EP


Listen to Fresh Sage’s new EP “Dreams”

Tumblr is so fucking depressing but also acts like an overwhelming sea of creativity and regurgitated thoughts.

“Art for art’s sake?”

Where does one draw the line between heart-shaped reblogs and culturally stimulating creations that question the meaning of any one or more state(s) of past or present happenings?

Then Fresh Sage release the “Dreams” Ep while I write a dissertation on EmojiWave in relation to mass contemporary url culture and trying to finish a last series of work as a goodbye to this debilitating art scene.

Much like a succubus and my art career, “Dreams” has me aptly caught in a daze of wanting more but never actually feeling satisfied. The 5 track EP made up of works created by Malik Buthelezi and Matthew Prins has a distinct difference in sounds within the completed offering.

Dreams starts off like an Asian love letter with subtle nuances of Korean RnB that lend itself strongly to the deep bellowing slow dance type bass hits. This love letters speaks, in not so many words, about cosmic philosophy in retrospect – much like reminiscent fragments of a declaration of unconditional love for another.

By track 3 on the wavy sounding record, Fresh Sage change the sound of “Dreams” quite abruptly into a hauntingly expressive navigation of a more darker sounding narrative – an illusion of loss and disharmony. Tracks 3 and 4, Dreams and Awake respectively, although aurally appealing, fit into a completely different listening experience and somewhat elude to the record as a collaborative piece between two friends as opposed to a unified sounding offering as a single unit.

The two producers, although housed as a group effort, clearly engage in differencing forms of conceptual expression in which each construct their own world that pushes the listener to undergo a story, built on the same plain, but in two very different aesthetic experiences. An understanding of time and space that positions the listener as a character experiencing the same world and narrative in two uniquely opposing ways.

The EP, quite clearly divergent in sound, engineers a subjective and prevalent re-imagination of the typical music group.


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