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Sowing The Daisies


The adept team from Seed Experiences eventually got around to giving Jealous Joburg a taste of Rocking The Daises in 2012.

Enter Sowing the Seeds

Although a ‘lite’ and adolescent adaption of its older brother sans the velvet international headliners, Sowing The Seeds turned out to be a credible recipient of the worn out title

Best weekend of my life”

The organisors created an enchanting experience with the central focus on creating an engaging and friendly environment for the eager patrons.

Set amidst the majestic Magaliesberg ranges with an assorted selection of worthy local artists, state-of-the-art sound, world-class experiential management and novel branded activations; Seed Experiences delivered with the first instalment. But what less could you expect from the same team that brought us the 5 Gum Experience & Vodacom In The City.

Although Oz surf-rockers, Dune Rats will be crashing the ’braai’ on this the second installment; you can be sure that local takes precedence this weekend.

It may take a balancing act of cirque du soleil proportions but Matthew MoleShortstrawJeremy LoopsBateleurBeach PartyTaxi ViolenceISOThe StellasChristian Tiger SchoolLiver & Sassquatch should all be included in your must-see list.

See you there

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Big In Japan

With a significantly imported culture; comfort is found at every opportunity to export local ideas.

It’s easy to notice that South Africa is rapidly gaining notoriety as a viable market for international artists world tours; having hosted countless world-famous acts in the past year alone. But the converse of this pull-factor is arguably a trend which should the more exalted of the two.

Before the dracononian censorship of media, circa 1980, South African art and music was thriving on an international level and in recent years we have seen a gradual revival of this international reputation.

This week alone:

Whats the Fuss?

The globe seems smaller for the artists who dare to grind against the grain.

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Why Not Wednesday?


“Lately a leisurely trip through Gleneagles drive in Greenside is like participating in a walking tour exhibiting various manifestations of the Billboard Top 100.”


The Fuss was fatigued with the quality of awesome Gleneagles drive displayed on any given night, so we collaborated with Gin for the launch of Why Not Wednesday?

Easy is overdone, so you can expect a flourescent medley of the kind of sounds your FM receiver does not accomodate.

Curated by, KIDKAOSTht Grl and YANO$$

Think Juta Street vibes without the drive.

Why Not?

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Random Access Hype

For Co-Founder of the South African Music Scene online platfrom; Ashley Brown, the transformation from hyped-up ball-of-fire to enlightened-opposer took exactly 22 minutes from the moment he acquired Random Access Memories

Perhaps a naive statement; but the thing is the entire globe had an opinion on this album and that is exactly what Daft Punk and their PR team were planning for when the fuss was created a year before the release of the album with a comment from seminal disco don Nile Rodgers

Warranted, with all the celestial fanfare surrounding the release it kind of felt like Echo the greek goddess of sound was destined on a path to earth to save music. With the bar set at god-level it is comprehensible why some may have such dispositions about the actual offering.

But ‘boring’ may be a bridge too far as the androids delivered a expertly engineered 70’s throwback disco-jazz masterpiece which give’s life back to music.

In an EDM scene littered with quick conveniences and volatile drops; the non-confrontational sonic landscape of RAM is a relief. The EDM bubble is destined to pop, but you get the feeling this androrganic biome will outlive the electronic apocalypse.

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Salute to Ray Manzarek

The Doors – Riders On The Storm Video by

Thank you

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