Hessien releases ‘Filled with low mist’


Glitchy and congruent

Glitchy and congruent, the track steams its essence in layers that shift towards one another, fuelling off a grid that keeps shifting. As soon as one note pulls through, a subdued one conflicts a dramatic airless beat. Moving continuously, it rises with positivity as it stitches up the high frequency with the bass formation of movement. Another goodie from the Quit Safari clan, Hessien + is the domineering force of electronica, giving into both its commercial and underground qualities. This track, above all his others is reliant on a pattern picked up from his material before. Secure, bewitching and stemming from a keen interest in the music making quality of audio, we’re raring to its climax as it forces its way through, and laying low as its sub-linear layers find sound in its negative spaces.



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