Winter is here.

Electricity prices are soaring, budgets are tight yet there are events happening everywhere that you want to get to! Most South Africans may currently be under financial pressure but that shouldn’t be an excuse to be gloomy this winter. The crew at 1Life did some research and shared the info with us. So #BookmarkThis

Turns out there are lots of other ways to save money that you could try out – and some of them are even fun. Here’s our guide to surviving winter with your budget on track and your sense of fun intact.

  1. Entertain smartly and cheap

We all love going to music events often. But being on a tight budget and wanting to party at every event possible will drain you financially if you consider entrance fee, drinks, buying other people drinks and even travelling to events.

The solution would be to maximise home parties. Invite your friends over, have a beer and braai. This doesn’t mean you have to quit live events, no no. You’ll just have to brave the cold night on one or two important live music events of the year and the rest of the time be creative in getting the crew together.

  1. Explore the City

There are a number of rare places to visit that aren’t a budget-breaker. You and your buddies can explore the possibilities out there such as art galleries, parks to chill and places to hike. With hopes of winter not being too cold this year, having a park picnic is not a bad idea at all.

  1. Expectations lowered

Knowing that you might not be splashing a lot of money this season means you’ll have to lower your expectations a little bit. Being under a strict budget, you have to make some changes to accommodate your winter lifestyle. It’s okay to miss out on some of the stuff happening out there, you just need to keep that math of your spending going.

Trying less expensive options shouldn’t be all blues. Get out there with your mates and make stuff happen. Just remember to keep warm! #SurvivalGuide

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