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Mathew Gold recently released his self-titled sophomore album. We chat to the RnB crooner about his evolution, working with Goodluck and his latest music video ‘Magnetic Field’

mathew gold

It’s been 8 years since your involvement in Idols South Africa where you reached the top 12. What would you say is the biggest benefit of you having taken part in the show?

That finally, not just I thought I could sing, but other people too. It was a great learning experience and stepping stone.

After that, the Hype Train only grew with your collaboration with Goodluck on the song of the summer of 2010, ‘Takin It Easy’. How did your relationship and track with Goodluck come about?

They heard my voice on a demo and invited me over to the studio. Within an hour we had made a mega hit.

Your debut album, Rush, was a self-funded release whereas your self-titled sophomore release was backed by Universal Music. How did this affect the process from a resources point of view?

Personally, for me it was about the contacts and the people that I don’t know in the industry or that the public hasn’t heard of yet. The process gave me the freedom to become my own artist.

It’s been a four-year wait for the release of your sophomore album. Why did it take so long to?

I wanted to really take my time and explore every option when it came to writing, collaborating and producing this entire album. It was such an adventure. Working with so many different people from different cultures and countries for over three years. I needed to believe in the music and quality of the album.

Your debut album saw you working with a variety of producers across a variety of genres not closely linked with RnB. Was it the same for your second album?

I wanted to work with producers that were able to make two, three or even four songs per day. The more music you make the more ammo you have.

How would you say you and your sound has evolved between your second and first album?I think now

I think now it’s even more refined. I am in love with this new album and the beauty is in the detail.

You play seven different instruments. Did you play any for the album?

I tried any and everything including things that aren’t instruments. I discovered so many things about my voice in the last three years. It’s my most prized instrument.

The first single from the album, ‘Magnetic Field’ also has a music video. Can you talk us through the concept of the song and how that was interpreted visually?

The music itself is sexy and I loved the simplicity of the video. It was the perfect visualisation of my music and I’m really proud of the entire team. The set was built by Christian Wolf and he also directed the video starring Shawnee Ried.

In a recent cheeky social media post, you mentioned you created the album to challenge how music is consumed. How do you hope to change how music consumed?

I want you to listen to this album from start to finish and create a reason for every single song. If you like my singles you are going to love my album even more.

‘Magnetic Field’ is the latest single off Mathew Gold’s self-titled sophomore album. Purchase the album via iTunes here.

All images by Canton Parker.


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