Interview with MONUMENTS


Gareth Davies shares some words with Olly Steele of MONUMENTS ahead of Krank’d Up Festival. The two discuss band member changes, touring, their influences and cat food.


For the South Africans who aren’t aware, you changed singers in 2013. Do you wish that you started out with current vocalist Chris Barretto or do you think ex-vocalist Matt Rose, brought something to the table that sculpted you into the band you are today?

There were a few well timed factors that lead to Chris joining, like the universe wanted it to happen or something. So in this instance, I believe everything happened for a reason.

How uncomfortable is it to change band members in the public eye?

Not at all. We’re lucky enough to have an open minded fan base that we can connect with easily due to social networking and whatever. They’re aware that these things can happen and being in a band is no walk in the park!

Do you prefer working in the studio or being on the road touring?

We tour. We tour lots. #backinthevan

Do you find that the music you are into when you start writing new songs has a big influence on your sound?

Not so much. Browne writes to large concepts like planets or pyramids or something. Chris writes large conceptual stories and themes in his head. I find that locations/imagery/scenery inspire me the most. It’s different for all of us but the focus is never on other people’s music.

Do you put parts into songs because you like it or because you think fans will really dig it?

I think it’s safe to say it has to go through our filters before it can go through anyone else’s. It’s about the integrity of the song. [We’re] not trying to please everyone. That’s what manufactured pop is for. Not eight-string prog.

What are your favourite ways to pass time while on tour and does it take a lot of time to recover after a tour and how long does it take for the itch of touring to return?

We used to have this cock shaped water gun…. Nah honestly everyone has their own thing. Whether it be working on music, reading, gaming, drinking, fighting, crying etc. The list goes on. We have some very cool things lined up at the moment so I’m itching right this second!

Do you prefer playing in small clubs or on the big stages at festivals?

A good show is a good show. And we’ve had them in small clubs, huge stages, boats, churches, a chinese restaurant and more.

Do you research a country before you tour there?

Generally Swanny already knows about the place so I’ll just ask him.

What have you heard about South Africa? Have you met any bands who have toured here before and did they have any tips for when you come and visit?

Cat Food.


If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

Ham and bread and cheese.

Will you buy me a drink at Krank’d Up 2015?

Send me a picture first and then I will decide 🙂 Thank you for the interview!


Watch MONUMENTS music video for “Atlas” above and be sure to purchase your tickets for Krank’d Up below.



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