Introducing Haweii Ma


Phosphene turns the lights out

Our first feature on Adrian Martens was a Sound Gallery feature in 2014 which introduced us to the “Galactic Shiny Electro Pop” sounds and lights of Phosphene. He went on to release “Sui Generis” as Phosphene later that year which would be his final release as Phosphene. He went on a hiatus and was “working on some rather different music” with no anticipation as to which direction the music would go.

It’s 2016 and all of the lights on Phosphene have been turned off with absolutely no trace of Phosphene on Soundcloud. Adrian who now resides in New York has embraced his new environment, disconnecting and reengineering his auditory ideas into what he describes as “a catharsis balanced on the edges of alienation and euphoria”.

Haweii Ma is introduced to the world with a mix of original productions curated for Weird Magic. The project is tectonic shift in Adrian’s auditory outlet: Darker, extra-terrestrial and an abstract interpretation of the current musical landscape with absolutely no desire to conform. Adrian is transcending and we’re keeping a keen ear on his Soundcloud page to see how it all develops.


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