Introducing PURE


Receiving Self

PURE is the solo reinvention of leading woman Purity Zinhle Mkhize. Through this identity the singer, dancer, performance artist and mother discovers and receives her true self through motion and sound.

Best known for her role as the vocalists for punk band Fruits and Veggies and The Pranks, Purity reveals a softer side as PURE. The in-your-face alternative individualism she was once ridiculed for in her community takes a back seat as she explores a more emotive and minimal sound influenced by ambient electronica and RnB.

Much like the new name PURE is only a different function of her original name, the new identity and sound is a reflection a different part of self. The serene self does not take place of the abrasive punk self, but rather, she is all of these things at once.

PURE describes it best in the introduction for her debut music video for ‘No Secrets’: “So many lessons and we choose only a few to help us shape what we’re trying to achieve. I can go solo, I can be a mother, I can be this singular expressive being I’ve always been afraid of being. So now all at once, I’m starting to make peace with self.” With Fruits & Veggies having originally started as a playful soul acapella group, PURE see Purity’s journey in music coming full circle.

The video directed by SAMA-winning director, Kyle Lewis, is an honest piece which sees Purity bare all and be free of any secrets. “This video embodies everything I believe in and stand for as a woman, as an artist and as an ever-growing entity,” says Purity. “It’s a celebration of what true beauty is.”

Watch the positive body image promoting music video below and explore PURE on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.



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