Kino – Arterial EP


Listen to Kino’s debut EP Arterial

Watermark high has shifted gears for a side project of ambient cinematic type electronic. Done under the alias Kino, this slow burning headphone music gives you the insight into hyperrealism and oddment idealisms, taking you on a voyage of the dew in the mountains and the droplets of drizzle by the ocean front. The tracks are still, but elevated, pure- but anonymous, and hypnotise you into a state of transcendental meditation.

The EP Arterial is bashful, becoming and poignant of our time as creators. Its structure, made from the modern patriarch, is fluid and evolving- taking the listener on a whirlwind of upbeat nuances to deeper connectivity. As the soundscapes peak and its experimental approach aims for longevity, Arterial finds substance in its wistful melody and lengthened darts of electronic surrealism. The perfect backtrack to a study session or an intimate companion before night time dreaming sweeps you in.

Download the Arterial EP above and follow Kino on Soundcloud.


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