“KLANKANATOMIE” Bittereinder Music Video Launch


Jolburg meets PREToria.

B, I to the double T-E-R

To the E, I, N, D, E-R

Now that you know just who they are get your hands up for a lekker free show.

That’s right, a FREE show! Free meant that I had more cash for beers and tequila.

Going to a party in Pretoria coming all the way from Jolburg is definitely a mission. But every time, without fail, it is worth it. Arcade is an epic live entertainment venue to go and remains one of the few behemoths left on the Gauteng circuit.


© Marius Bester

We arrived just in time to see Bittereinder live. The event saw the trio launch their latest music, “KLANKANATOMIE”. Bittereinder have established a solid reputation as a live act having performed at various festivals throughout South Africa. If you have not seen Bittereinder live yet, you need to do this fast. The music and the rhythm they create flows through moving your body whilst also affecting your thoughts on society. The group is an innovative trifecta with Peaches ear for sound, Louis’ eye for visuals, and Jacos ability as an Afrikaans wordsmith.

Dit klink soos rap maar dit voel soos Afrikaans en lyk soos kuns.

The crowd was so packed you could feel the warm bodies surrounding. The heat of summer combined with the mass of people made it almost impossible to breathe. But best part about watching Bittereinder is the vibe of the crowd. Each individual like a cell, feeding off the movements, sounds, and energy of the others to create a fluid organ in symphony. Everyone jumping up and down, rapping each lyric together following cues from the conductor–In this case Bittereinder.


© Marius Bester

DJ Benson had the stage next and his liquid drum and bass tunes had the people moving around. His infectious smile and the way he interacts with the crowd makes him one South Africa’s favourite DJs. His mad mixing skills are testament to his crowning as The Liquid King.

The only thing that bothered me is that the main stage closed around 12 meaning we had to move the party to the Red bull electro stage. But the party must go on. Kid Robot played a b2b set with Phizicist and the two kept the energy high and had the crowd’s attention straight through to the end. Kid Robot makes the bass and Phizicist the electronic music, these two on stage is definitely a rad combination.

After grabbing a whiskey and talking to some of the coolest people,it was time for the last act to hit the stage. Moejoe is a new face to the music scene–at least well for me. I know I have seen this guy around, but I did not know he could curate sounds as he did keeping those remaining on the dance floor on a sonic high until close.

The best part about going to an event in Pretoria is definitely the crowd around you. Even when you don’t expect to see anyone you know, you always end up having a blast.

Images by Marius Bester


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