Listen to Jackal and the Wind’s latest single ‘The People Sing’


Jackal and the Wind is a four-piece indie/folk band from Stellenbosch, South Africa. Comprised of Christopher Kruger on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Cobus von Wielligh on bass, Peter Kruger on lead guitar and Johan Pretorius on drums, the band has been gaining steady acclaim since its inception in 2013.

Their signature track ‘The Ukulele Song’ put them on the map when it gained a cult of following among the students with 200 000+ impressions on SoundCloud and top honours on the Digital Forest Live Sessions in the same year.

The band’s unusual name is reminiscent of the yearning of the jackal and the intangible emotion of a howling wind, and pays homage to their wish to whisk their listeners away to a world without boundaries by means of their inflaming harmonies.

Their latest track ‘The People Sing’ revolves around a person who finds themselves in a social situation that they want to escape, when listening to the track for the first time it made me feel proud to be part of musical movement that is happening in the Southern tip of Africa. With such a diverse set of musical talent, Jackal and The Wind is definitely taking the scene by storm. The song has an acoustic nature and is being told in a strong lyrical way, it is melodic and story-oriented.

Their sound captures an emotion that cannot be seen but is felt through our souls, a form of capturing the essence of music and vocals through their instruments. So drift away to a magical world with Jackal and the Wind’s new single.




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