Listen to the sound of Buli’s dreams


He wishes he slept more. We don’t

It’s only been 5 months since the release of Buli’s Feels LP and even less time has passed since the release of the Hi-Lux (Buli’s side project) All About You EP, but Buli managed to sneak another EP into what has been a busy year.

The wish i slept more tracklist reads like Buli’s twitter timeline with the sounds continuing where the Feels LP concluded. The Pretorian producer is very candid about his feels online including his insomnia. To our benefit, he uses he sleepless nights producing music and interpreting his feelings into sounds with spaces in between them.

Buli says wish i slept more was an opportunity to “experiment with new elements and different textures”. The EP is available for free download on Bandcamp and comes with a digital booklet featuring artworks inspired by space and relationships from a variety of artists.



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