Listen to the self-titled debut EP from The Cosmic Strange


Celestial Indie Melodies

Indie alternative outfit, The Cosmic Strange, make music that synthesises melodic indie and acid punk. With the release of their eponymous debut EP in July, the band has established themselves with a strong presence in the indie sphere right off the bat.

The band, founded in 2015, released their debut single ‘Sunsnare’ in 2016. The track which is a Fuss favourite from the project evokes comparisons to international counterparts, Foals and Portugal, The Man. ‘Sunsnare’ created a buzz for The Cosmic Strange having been featured in various charts across local radio stations and the band have delivered on the early hype with a four-track EP just as good.

Release independently, The Cosmic Strange EP was also produced by the band with recording and mixing by Nick De Beer who is on vocals and guitar for the band. The mastering was engineered by David Blackman of UK-based Hiltongrove Mastering Studios, known for his past work with Coldplay and Keane amongst others.

In an email to The Fuss, the band explains:

“After a period of gigging, and having had the honour of sharing the stage with several highly talented local acts, we decided to dedicate ourselves to crafting a sound which draws in equal measure from the acid-tinged waters of neo-psychedelia and the melodically rich textures of indie rock. The result is The Cosmic Strange EP”

Stream The Cosmic Strange EP via Soundcloud below.


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