Mungo – “The Water Method Man (Big Proxy)”


Watch The Music Video for Mungo’s “The Water Method Man (Big Proxy)”

The Water Method Man is a novel by John Irving which revolves around its narrator, Fred Trumper, a graduate student who is faltering through his twenties. The overarching narrative sees Trumper doing all that he can to change his life and let go of the past.

Similarly, “The Water Method Man” sees Mungo evolving sonically and letting go of the past. Much like Christian Tiger School with The Chrome Tapes, Mungo has evolved to a more experimental and electronica based sound since the release of his debut EP The World According To Mungo. Where The World According To Mungo was more emotive and dreamlike, “The Water Method Man” leads the way for his sophomore release, Yextures, as he drifts curiously into the realm of dance.

Robust with a glimmer of techno, “The Water Method Man” sets the tone for Yextures which places “a natural and transparent focus on the state of duality – flowing effortlessly between being danceable and endlessly intriguing,” as described by naas. Founded on a uniform drum pattern, the track captivates as multiple intricate textures weave in and around the beat. The track is supported by a kaleidoscopic video which pushes and pulls in unison with the development of the sonic textures.

Watch the video for “The Water Method Man” below and download Yextures here.


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