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Lead vocalist of Johannesburg based Post-Hardcore act, Climate Control, Nicolas González started exploring the notion of a solo project under the name Raptors & Remnants.

I remember sitting in his dining room, somewhere in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg a few years ago and we’d had hoped to write some stuff together. Obviously that failed because I was involved but Nic pushed through and started writing, and kinda never stopped. With a souncloud page teeming of emotion and melody, Raptors & Remnants isn’t something I can quite describe. It’s more a feeling, an experience, a journey, that isolates the self and questions the very make-up of the human construct, nothing philosophical though – just everything real.

Nic and I often have rather deep and meaningful Facebook conversations, and I can’t help but be inspired by his mind. He understands the rawness of the human emotion and translates that so eloquently through Raptors & Remnants.

Here It Comes is the latest release from the project and as per usual has all the feels.

When asked about the new song Nic says, lyrically he enjoys combining a number of ideas and concepts into a song that tie in with one another. So the song might be focused on a certain person or event primarily, but it also applies to a number of people and events. He enjoys writing to create mental imagery, and generally keep his writing somewhat vague, so it’s never too obvious or transparent as to what certain parts might be about.

“I recorded this one mostly as one take in my home studio, and added a couple of things afterwards. I wouldn’t say this is the final version of the song, more of a demo/pre-production version, but I like the rawness of it. It was one of my late-night impulse endeavours.”

And that is the beauty about Raptors & Remnants, it’s real, it’s raw, it’s impulsive and it’s just so damn beautiful.


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