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I’m eating a sweet chilli pumpkin salad w/ feta and drinking a soy milk latte so you’d think I’m in San Fransisco, but I’m not. I’m on the 14th floor of some high rise building not even 5 minutes out of Johannesburg CBD and I’m looking outside the window at the hauntingly dark Jozi skyline as I listen (on repeat) to the new offering by Cape Town based producer, SageVideōs.

I’m Hers is not too far off from his usual production style but it does offer something different; with a Japanese RnB sample on the vocals and an airy synth line as if something fresh out of an anime title track, I’m Hers feels a lot more playful than most of his other tunes.

I was quite surprised but not at all shocked that SageVideōs released something new. After releasing his debut record on label Amdiscs, the response wasn’t all that he had hoped it to be, I too felt that it deserved much more recognition than it garnered. But being an indie producer with little to no hype in South Africa is a tough reality we have to face when putting out niche music that seemingly resonates with a set specific audience. The lack of support and hype he’s debut record so deserved saw him publicly announce his hanging up his gloves and retiring from the music life, but I knew all too well that wasn’t true.

His music is infectious, it’s passionate, and it’s hopeful. He just wouldn’t be what he’d hope to be in any form or manner without producing and I am glad to see this release. The song description speaks of a new record in production and that makes me happy.

I honestly believe in the biggest things for the young producer, but maybe not as much in an irl (in real life) space. His music has strength in the contemporary url culture and far surpasses a great deal of some of the leading Vapor Wave producers and musicians.

Hoping to see him play a few shows in Joburg and educate a few people with his music.


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