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Savage Lucy release a music video for, “DESPOT”.

Recently, Savage Lucy have been rather quiet from a promotional and live performance standpoint. You’ll be glad to know that the reason behind this is that the instrumental progressive rock triad has been away in studio preparing the follow up to their debut release Verstaan?

“DESPOT” is the first single released off Reverie which is slated for release early 2015. The band had booked a seven day period within which to track the album at Colour Studios. After having tracked the entire album in six days the band decided to shoot a music video in the studio on the seventh day. The”DESPOT” video serves as a teaser for the release of Reverie. “The concept was to include people that have been influential to the progression of the band and to try create a weird dream like scenario that matched the mood of the music.”, says Austen, Savage Lucy’s  guitarist, of the video.

The video begins with what seems like the lead character floating out of reality; immersing himself in the amplified sounds of artistically organised vibration of strings. The scene evokes images of a shaman who has ingested a poison toad to assist his ritual trance; eventually the poison reaches the chemicals in the brain and… snap. The body becomes a vehicle for the expression of transcension; autonomously convulsing. In the case of this video, the lead characters poison toad is played by the experimental and progressive sounds of Savage Lucy.

The video serves it purpose profoundly, as there is no better way to experience Savage Lucy than in a live setting, and it simulates this experience strikingly; both literally and figuratively.

The “DESPOT” video was shot by Garth De Bruno Austin and directed by Janine Mulder.

“DESPOT” was tracked at Colour Studios and mixed and mastered by Chris Brink.

Download Verstaan?

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