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Fuss favourite, The Watermark High releases a teaser for latest EP, “Bollywood Love Triangle“.

At the beginning of the month The Watermark High teased social media with an image displaying his gear, a notebook, and his Macbook in frame with Ableton on screen exporting his latest creation.

“Busting my ass on your Xmas present”

Christmas came early as yesterday saw the official release of “Bollywood Love Triangle” the first release off his “unofficial” EP, Culture Lust Vol. 1. The title of the EP suggests a project where The Watermark High explores creatively his fancy for diverse sounds, rhythms, instruments, and worldly vibes. “It [is]a production exercise in putting traditional sounds from around the world in an electronic context”

The last time he was featured on the blog was seven months ago when we featured “(W)hole”, off his previous Bright Black EP, as our track of the week. That EP was released in March, which makes the release of Culture Lust Vol. 1 well overdue his initial commitment of releasing an EP every six months.

But this isn’t about airing grievances as The Watermark Mark High did release two tracks in between the two EP’s satiating our sonic needs. We should rather feel honoured that he decided to allow us to put our ears to his latest project which was initially a personal project to satiate his own desires. He wrote the “concept” EP in a week “just for fun (as an exercise)” to explore his production methods and ability. The fact that the output was strong enough that he decided to release it speaks volumes of his development as a producer.

 In “Bollywood Love Triangle”, The Watermark High explores eastern influences, sampling vocals and what sounds like a wind instruments from a Bollywood film. Chopping and glitching the samples over an ever-present ambient synth line with an old-school hip hop kick and drum pattern rolling beneath it all, The Watermark High has mastered the art of creating atmospheric multi-textured beats-based electronic music. He deliberately places a lot into the mix, but he arranges it all such that none of the textures or sounds cannibalises the others. There is enough breathing room for each and every element in the mix providing enough clarity to enjoy the music for it’s artistic integrity.

Download the Culture Lust Vol. 1 EP


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