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Uhuru train to stop in Pretoria

I haven’t been this excited about a South African band since my groupie days of Fokofpolisiekar stalking madness.

At first, when I heard the news, I thought it wasn’t real. It wasn’t until I checked Facebook that I could confirm that New Holland will be playing at the May edition of Park Acoustics. Now this is a big deal for all the old fans out there. So I have been contemplating, how to tell you that New Holland are really awesome, without actually saying ‘I think this band fucking rocks’.

New Holland entered the SA music scene in late 2007. The band came to be after the break-up of Gerdus Oosthuizen and Reyno Buckle’s previous band, Sondag Sensasie. Sondag Sensasie were an acoustic rock n’ roll group, which started in 2006 and ended in 2007 just after that year’s KKNK. A week after the split the two joined up with Teejay Terblanche and Odendaal Estherhuyse to form New Holland. They have since released two full length albums, 01 (2008) and Exploded views (2009).

I have always been a sucker for good old party-rock tunes, but when I heard “Shine” from their debut album, I couldn’t get enough of it. Their two albums seem to give the same feeling when it comes to the rhythm of the guitars. Where 01 was filled with feel-good party tunes, Exploded Views gave me a feeling of proper feet-stomping rock and roll with pop sensibility to boot. With more chainsaw guitars riding the rhythm section’s rolling thunder, The stage is set for soaring vocals and harmonies.

Their harmonising techniques have aided them to successfully leave their mark on the South African musical landscape. This band makes me nostalgic and brings back memories that give me a yearning desire to be young and stupid again. When New Holland is in town, I won’t be able to resist getting my dancing shoes on and losing myself to their high energy rock ‘n roll.

When a band lives and breathes a passion for music, the energy and creativity oozes through their music. This is an attribute I will gladly bestow upon New Holland. It’s not often that we find this, but there’s nothing better than a band that makes music for the pure love of it.

Their debut performance was at the Groot Gees Rock Fees II in Stilbaai, where they wowed the crowd with an explosive sound and addictive hooks. The show was part of a tour known as Die MK Tweede Avontoer, a DPK-initiative. After a very successful tour, the band was signed onto DPK management. Their first national tour was featured on MK’s Top Ten, with the band doing an AMP and Studio 1 session while on the Ubuntoer II: Rock Against Racism. They also played at the launch of MK’s Magazine ‘Bruce Lee’.

The last time they played a live show was August 2014. They performed at Bohemia in Stellenbosch, “which is an old favourite” says the drummer Odendaal . When asked how the band feels about their upcoming tour to Gauteng, they seem to be really excited to tour Gauteng again. Odendaal continues, “It’s been fucking long since I played a show there. New Holland used to have a big loyal fan base in Pretoria and Jo’burg, so I’m really amped to jam there again.”

“I guess we just ‘gotta’ hope they still remember us. There are a couple of old faces I hope to see again. I don’t know about bigger crowds, but you never know. The industry has changed a lot since we were active, so it could go either way. “he adds.

Watch “Uhuru” below and be sure to book tickets for their Cape Town and Pretoria shows at STRAB and Park Acoustics shows.





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