Push Push – “Blood In”


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Evolution. Of the art form. Of the persona. Of the performer creating their own dynamism to become a version of the enigma they envisioned for themselves. This is what Push Push, aka, Nicci Saint Bruce has allowed to happen, given the glimpse into her new material. “Blood In” is fuelled by its correspondence between the production and the lyrical context. Here, she is taking ownership of her identity and the realism behind her narratives. Rapped in what feels like a layer of graduations, often peaking with female velocity, and then grinding down to a more subtle version of poetic presence, it is easy to be swayed by this pair of beats and vocals. It hasn’t always been easy to get her or even the motivation behind the persona, but this track I get. Coming a long way from her filtration in Oh! Dark Arrow, Push Push, with the help of DJ Lokash and Gurty Beats, has managed to equip herself with the resources to build her journey as a rapper. Contemporary, with dramatic hammer tunes detailing a softer sampling in the background, this track focuses on why she raps, and after really listening to its content, she owns it.


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