Rise and Fall of the Event Organisor


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It has been an interesting year for festivals and organisers so far. Ramfest got cancelled after the organisers apparently couldn’t get a line-up to work on dates which work for them. Then along came Witchfest to save the day, but the event was troubled by right wing Jesus freaks from the start and had to change venues like a billion times. They  still had a pretty successful event even though they had lost some attendees because of the relocations. Then Ramfest announced that they might move their event to the weekend of 25 March 2016. This was the very same weekend that Witchfest announced that it would host its 2016 event. So of course, in true South African metal head fashion, everyone freaked the fuck out. Whoever runs the Ramfest Facebook page got bitchy and basically said ‘we were here first, our events are always in March, Witchfest are attacking us and they should move to September or October.’

Queue more outrage and face palms.

Then along came Freedom Festival – an event featuring four international bands and some great local artists. I was excited as fuck for this event because of Airborne Toxic Event. And then a few days before the event in a bizarre twist, they postpone it. No real reason was given or anything. And now they have scheduled the event for 24 September with bands yet to be announced and confirmed thus far.

Oh and then there’s Makhulu Fest that literally just appeared out of thin air. Don’t know what Makhulu Fest is? Well gather around kids, this one is good. It’s a magical four day festival that would be held in Cape Town in 2017. Consisting of some of the biggest bands the world has ever seen. But none of the bands have yet been confirmed or even contacted. No, first we must donate money to a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to pay for them. It will cost about R6000 just for the ticket. Not only will you see bands like Tool, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, Slayer, Rage Against The Machine and many more, but you will be able to ride unicorns, slide down rainbows,  and eat as much carbs without gaining weight. Ahhhh, Makhulu Fest, a place where our government knows what they are doing and load shedding is just a scary story you tell around the electrically powered camp fire. Bruh, if you’re reading this, I have to compliment you on your confidence and ambition but you’re a failure and your mom dresses you funny.

Makhulu Fest

So far, this year our only saving grace has been Parklife for bringing the brilliant Modest Mouse. And Oppikoppi as always have already started adding to their huge line-up bit by bit. One of these days Rocking the Daisies and In the City will also get us excited when they start dropping their line-ups.

But Turning Tricks and Sundowners are really starting to give the other big name alternative music organisers a run for their money and are making them look shitty and unprofessional. While they are cancelling events and fighting with other festivals, Duncan, Spencer and co. have been sitting back on 100% leather arm chairs, smoking cigars and plotting their next move to take over Alberton. And boy, did they not disappoint.

Last year was the third Krank’d Up fest. It was my first. Let’s call it my mini holiday as it became my home for two and a half days and the parking area my bedroom. People were thinking how could they possibly top Protest The Hero and Unearth but Turning Tricks entertainment casually came along like it’s no big deal and organised two huge headliners for Krank’d Up 2015 which will once again be held at Sundowners on 26 September.

The first band to be announced was 36 Crazyfists – a  band all the way from the Alaskan wilderness in the USA. And then the second announcement that was sprung upon us earlier this week was that the British were coming in the form of the hugely impressive prog and djent band Monuments from London. With these two bands on the bill, you are guaranteed to a fucking good show and experience. And we don’t even know what local bands will be rounding off the line up.Krank'd Up


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