Rosa Takes On Go Party!


The Beard hosted this intimate gig in the alleyway behind Odd Café in Greenside.

The venue was something out of an Indie, low-budget film. Picture fairy lights,

craft beers, a few random couches in corners. And the stage consisting of a

carpet. It was great to be so close and personal with the bands. There were

probably only seventy-five to a hundred people in attendance, which was

fantastic. We missed Gangsterdam unfortunately who opened.


The Moths played second and we boogied to their easy-listening instrumental,

surf-rock set. They are the perfect band for this type of set up. And were even

nearly shut down by the police. (Apparently the neighbours weren’t as happy

as us about this little gig) Luckily everything was smoothed over and we could

continue bopping our heads to their sweet tunes.


the moths go party


The headliners were Beach Party all the way from Cape Town. It was fantastic

to see them live. We were right in front, and since there wasn’t a stage, we

were basically on the stage. We even boogied a little with guitarist, Matthieu

Auriacombe. Their set was quite short – maybe only 35 minutes – possibly

because there was still pressure from the cops in the background. Despite the

brief show they were really great – and played all the crowd favourites, and had

the audience jumping and dancing and causing lots of trouble.


Beach Party


Interestingly enough maybe 70% of the audience consisted of people from other

bands with representatives from Shortstraw, Gangsterdam, The Plastics, Go

Barefoot, and The Stellas. (now sadly broken up) We felt pretty swish partying

with some of the best South African musicians, and even befriended very drunk

Pascal and Emille from The Plastics.

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Kudos to The Beard for throwing this gig together, and for Odd Café for chasing

away the popo so we could get our boogyie on.


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